Food is Connection: 7 Steps to Whole Self Nourishment


How can we nourish ourselves in the 21st century?

Wisdom from thousands of years ago told us that food is medicine. In the 20th century, we learned that food is information, with signals from a single meal powerful enough to change our gene expression.

In the 21st century, Dr. Deanna Minich details the new concept of how we have moved into the realm of “food is connection”. Through the experience of eating, she shows us how we can relate to seven aspects of our self:

  • Our physical bodies through instinct and the ability to know when, what, and how to eat;
  • Our creativity through assessing how our feelings change our eating behavior;
  • Our power through an understanding what foods give and take energy from us;
  • Our heart by how we connect love to eating;
  • Our truth by how we speak about food and being authentic about stating what we need and want to eat.
  • Our mind by how we think about food and intellectualize eating.
  • Our soul through how we make eating an act of sacredness.

Eating issues, like binging, emotional eating, and cravings begin to resolve when see how food connects to the seven aspects of the self.

By being in relationship with one’s whole self through the unifying act of eating, one feels complete, invigorated, vital, and much more balanced in everyday life.

Deanna Minich, PhD ▪