Healing the Heart through Nourishment


Why is cardiovascular disease come to be the #1 killer in developed nations?

How can we feel more heart-centered?

Is there a way to eat for the heart and healthy circulation?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart is viewed as the “keeper of one’s consciousness, or soul”. Similarly, in modern 21st century medicine, we are learning much about the interconnection between the heart and other body systems.

We now know that the heart is more than a mechanical pump that continually keeps us alive. Rather, the emerging science tells us it is a sensitive neuroendocrine organ that is responsive to our emotions and thoughts.

In this presentation, Dr. Minich blends together ancient and modern medicine to give you the best of both approaches, everything from food to forgiveness, and green vegetables to gratitude, for healing your heart.

Deanna Minich, PhD ▪ deanna@foodandspirit.com ▪ 360-731-7705