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Who we are is revealed in what we eat and how we live.

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Have you ever thought that you could combine food and one’s “spirit” in a clinical approach to wellness? These two things – the science of eating and the spirituality of personal growth – aren’t always used to going together, but these two belong together. After all, isn’t true holistic, whole-self healing at the deepest level to explore what we put into our bodies for nutrition and what we give to our souls as nourishment?

If you are craving the novel combination of cutting-edge, credible nutrition fundamentals (without the strings of a “diet”) together with enlightening personal growth practices, you will want to incorporate the multi-faceted, enriching Food & Spirit perspective into your practice. To help you get started on learning more, Food & Spirit is gifting you with a FREE report called “7 Aspects to Transform Your Practice”.

This report gives you some general guidelines to empowering your patients with the essential “I”s of the eating experience – instinct, intuition, inspiration, and information. You will learn more about how the physical matter of food and the energy of the eating experience “feed” your patient’s seven aspects – their body, emotions, power, heart, voice, mind, and spirit.

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