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“I continue to be drawn to clarity and simplicity. Less is more remains my mantra.” – Stephane Rolland

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In this program, Building a Business with Food & Spirit, we have redefined business to give you a full-spectrum approach using the Food & Spirit System to experience a healthier and happier business!


It’s time to DIAGNOSE and TREAT our businesses in the HEALTHIEST way possible!
It’s time to find YOU in business so that you can be empowered to DO business!
It’s time to have a COMMUNITY that SUPPORTS and BUILDS your business!



You will experience a spectrum of transformation guided by business experts, Dr. Deanna Minich, her team of Certified Food & Spirit Practitioners and the community!  This unique business program is community-based, and, at the same time, tailored and personalized to meet your needs to overcome the barriers you are experiencing in starting or doing business to help your business become it’s optimal self!


This program is for practitioners and business owners who would like to include the analytical business practices with their own creative artistic side to create their own UNIQUE business! It’s designed for people who are passionate but just don’t know how to take the next step to build their dream business!


It’s time to go within using the Food & Spirit principles. This program bridges together the opposites that many people miss in one unified approach. Science and spirituality; physiology and psychology; ancient traditions and modern medicine; practicality and poetry; and literal meanings and symbolic symbolism. All to create a strategy to help you discover your unique story and how to translate that into a THRIVING business!

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What Program Offers

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Cost $395 (for remaining 2015)

Cost $695 for 2016

Here are some principles that make this “Building a Business with Food & Spirit” different than the rest:

You connect to your calling: The answers lie within. This program brings to the surface and cultivates what is already within you as your highest business calling and brings that essence out into a caring community to give you constructive feedback and the ability to catapult your ideas even further! With all the science available on the power of social networks and community influences, we believe that a community-run program will provide diverse facets of insights and discoveries that you wouldn’t get just with one person leading the charge.

Your business is complex: This program is based on the fundamental premise that your business has a “spectrum” of needs. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach in which you apply principles in a “cookbook” way for a desired outcome. Your business is like your body – unique, individualized, and complex – and mirrors YOU!

You can diagnose and treat your business: Whether you are just starting out or been in business for ages, every business needs a “check-up” or an initial exam to get it on the path of health and wellness. We like to help you see your business as a patient – diagnosing it, treating it with multiple modalities, and letting it be examined by a community of experts.

You have a living, flexible, multi-faceted system and tools to begin, grow, and understand your business: As part of the program, you are provided with a number of proprietary tools within a tried-and-true system to guide you through the process of tapping into the strengths and opportunities for you and your business. Even when you have completed the program, you will want to continue to use these tools and framework to continue to assist you in evaluating where you are at every stretch of the way of your business trajectory!