Belinda Smith, Clinical Naturopath & Nutritionist Ad Dip Nat, Nutritional & Herbal Med, BPh Ed

“Dr. Minich’s classes have reignited my inspiration to be more creative and think outside the square both personally and professionally when it comes to healthcare. In clinic, by implementing some of the techniques learned from Dr. Minich, especially in regard to my weight loss patients and their relationship with food, I can see lasting results. As a busy practitioner taking the time to focus on yourself can slip to the bottom of the list. Thanks to Dr. Minich’s classes, I have managed to reconnect with the rainbow foods, stop coffee and honour my need for rest and holidays. It’s amazing how my food choices, thoughts and business have become healthier. I believe any health practitioner who is looking for a unique and effective approach to healthcare would get huge value from this class.”

Brenda Fister, RN, BSN, HTCP

“The Food and Spirit Practitioner Program was exactly what I needed to step up my practice to a higher level. As a Holistic Health Coach and Healing Touch Practitioner, I was looking for a way to give my clients more insight into their balanced or imbalanced state. I really wanted more assessment tools. What I received was this and much more!! This program helps me to put a language to the chakra work I already do with my clients. I loved the therapeutic essentials that gives my clients more self care ideas specific to the chakra needing balanced. By having my client fill out the Whole Self Questionnaire they can see for themselves what areas they need to work on!! My clients are then more inspired to do their own self care! It was truly a perfect fit for me as a coach and energy medicine practitioner!!”

Heidi van Loggerenberg

“The Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner Program, created by Dr Deanna Minich PhD, goes beyond just advising someone on what food to eat based on macro- and micronutrients. This program explores the whole person. Deanna is very clear in thought, logic and intuition. She has a wealth of formal education and practical experience, in both nutrition and Functional Medicine. Deanna has worked alongside the grandfather of Functional Medicine, Dr Jeff Bland PhD. This is a science-based nutrition course that brings in energy medicine in a most evidence-based way. Deanna combines Caroline Myss’s teachings from ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ with food. Dr Minich is a complete genius! I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It gives you tools to analyse a case from more than just a physical level. Deanna offers so much support during the course plus ongoing support once you qualify. This future-based course is a powerful tool in any practitioner’s toolbox.”

Linn Thorstensson

“I was drawn to the CFSP programme because of my interest in working with clients beyond just using nutrition on a biochemical and functional level. Developing my skills beyond just using food as a tool to treat physical symptoms, I wanted to learn a deeper framework for how I could also help my clients address not just what they eat, but also how & why. Taking the CFSP programme seemed like the perfect opportunity to do this. And it was. But it’s also been so much more than that! These past 12 weeks has given me so much more than I’d ever imagined. Professionally but also very much personally. Deanna is a knowledgable and inspiring teacher and I can’t wait to put all of this to practice with my clients. It’s hard to explain really, but I feel like I’ve ‘come home’. Thank You.”

Susan Stockton, D.C.

“Thank you for this opportunity to share the meaningful and life-changing journey we have just experienced through the Food & Spirit Practitioner Program.”

Holly J. Niles, MS, CNS, RYT

“I have really loved this training and would highly recommend it. It is a reflection of Deanna’s knowledge and expertise in its synergy of science and spirituality.”

Paula Martinac, MA, MS, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

“The Food & Spirit Certification Program was everything I had hoped it would be – enlightening, challenging, transformative.”

Sabine Weber, MS, RD, CDN

“I feel that this course will be essential to move and evolve my practice. I believe it’s important to provide the tools to clients that resonate with oneself. The teachings of Food & Spirit have helped make me whole and it is important for me to bring it to my practice.”

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Father of Functional Medicine

“Dr Deanna Minich is one of those special people who has both the gifts of a scientific mind coupled with an equal measure of artistic humanism. She is a “blender” of the objective with the less tangible energies that define what allow people to do amazing things. In the ten years I have had the privilege of working with her I have been amazed at seeing her continual growth and contributions as a woman of great substance in pushing forward the evolution of the healthcare movement.”

Fiona Bond, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Allied Health Professional, Qualified School Teacher, ChiBall, Wellness Coach

“After looking into numerous courses, diplomas, degrees and professional development options, it seems the Food & Spirit Practitioner training has come up at the most perfect of times! (But of course!) This course, it seems, will satisfy both my science brain, and my intuitive feelings, and will be the perfect fit for my private practice, and healing and growth of a personal nature. Becoming a practitioner of Food & Spirit better solidifies what I am, what I believe in, and what I value in health, the planet, the universe, and healing through food.”

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We may collect, use, and process your data according to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

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