Directory of Certified Food & Spirit Practitioners

Photo of Bridget Rowbatham Bergens

Bridget Rowbatham Bergens


Bridget is a Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach, a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner and a Register Licensed Occupational Therapist. She is founder of Bwell, LLC. Bridget is also currently pursing a Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine and Botanical Medicine.

She provides a “whole self” approach to nutrition and lifestyle management. Through your journey together, your end goal achievements will be increased self-awareness and self-knowledge of nutrition and health, acquisition of new life skills, attainment of personal and professional goals, sustainable behavior change, increased life satisfaction, and becoming one’s best whole self. …

Georgia Boley

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Georgia is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 17 years of clinical experience.  Voted Wyoming’s Dietitian of the Year in 2015, she is in private practice and a strong advocate of health insurance preventative service coverage.  For Georgia’s full biography, visit her website at

Photo of Marquelle Brown

Marquelle Brown

Marquelle Brown graduated with a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine in 2014 from UWS.  She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, GAPS Certified Practitioner, and a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner.  Her motivation is helping clients learn how to achieve improved quality of life and optimal health and wellness through nutritional recommendations to balance body chemistry and achieve the individual’s goals.…

Photo of Sonia Chernochan

Sonia Chernochan

With two decades of career experience in the Fitness Industry, Surrey, B.C.-based Personal Fitness Trainer. Sonia Chernochan is the Founder and CEO of women’s fitness and wellness company, Body Circuit for Her, Inc. Her company specializes in personal training, group fitness, yoga, boot camps and sports nutrition. In addition, Sonia is a Touch for Health Practitioner, a Reiki Practitioner and a Chakradance Facilitator, utilizing a robust roster of various healing practices.…

Scott Daly


I am Scott Daly. I established my personal training company, “Train Daly”, in 2012.  I have had a passion for fitness and physical wellbeing for as long as I can remember. I grew up playing every sport that I could.  If there was a game I played it!

In the middle of my University studies I had a serious accident that altered my life and drastically changed my perspective.…

Photo of Diana Davis

Diana Davis

Integrative & Functional Medicine Nutrition Practitioner

Diana is a wellness expert trained as a Functional Medicine Nutrition Practitioner, Integrative Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and Licensed Clinical Nutritionist with a Masters degree in Education Wellness Counseling.  She had advanced training in Functional Nutrition from the Institute of Functional Medicine (2010) as well as professional training under the direction of Jon Kabat-Zinn in Mindfulness-Based Meditation in (1999).  …

Photo of Jennifer Doctorovich

Jennifer Doctorovich

Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

My background is very eclectic as I began my journey as a professional theater actress, moved in to functional fitness and group exercise, and went back to study holistic nutrition.  But even in the functional medicine community I could see that we were too linear.  Our bodies are so much more than physical…we are emotional, energetic and spiritual. …

Photo of Rachel Eppinga

Rachel Eppinga


Dr. Rachel has been practicing personalized lifestyle medicine for over a decade and is dedicated to helping her patients experience more joy, more health and more vitality through a mind-body-spirit approach. She believes how we nourish not only our bodies, but our whole self is the foundation of health and vitality and transformation is possible no matter the starting point.

Photo of Heather Fischer-Page

Heather Fischer-Page


Heather Page, Holistic Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, began her wellness journey many years ago when her health declined after her children were born. She found that not only was there a nutritional aspect, but also the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects to healing. She made the connection within and wanted to learn more about how wellness, lifestyle and food were linked.…

Photo of Jan Goldberg

Jan Goldberg


Jan Goldberg is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner. She has also completed the advanced training with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. She is passionate about supporting clients with autoimmunity and other complex chronic disorders in finding their footing and rediscovering their sense of self through the Functional Medicine and Food & Spirit approach.…

Photo of Marihet Hammann

Marihet Hammann


Specialization: Entrepreneurial Development, Business Coaching, Personal Transformation, Creativity Coaching

Marihet Hammann is a coach, author, artist and teacher who’s been sharing her heart in person for over 28 years.

A seeker of the creative + the colourful it’s her core belief that our innate creativity is the key to healing our hearts, reconnecting to our true selves and sharing our gifts with the world.…

Photo of Cassandra Herbert

Cassandra Herbert

Cassandra Herbert — holistic nurse psychotherapist, health and wellness educator, healthy eating coach, speaker and author — CEO of Zest and Harmony Counseling and Coaching which supports The Busy Professional, Real-Life Superwoman who secretly feels overwhelmed, depleted and fatigue shift to feeling healthy, happy, and energized.


What makes her work unique is she blends her professional experience as a nurse, psychotherapist and wellness coach as well as her personal experience and has developed an 8 part holistic system that shows the Real-Life Superwoman how to nourish all areas of her life because Harmony is truly the new sexy!…

Photo of Patricia Hernandez

Patricia Hernandez


Patricia Hernandez’s formal background is  a dual Master’s of Social Work and Public Health and is the business owner of Mariposas Holistic Healing, LLC.  Her lifelong interest in empowering people to take care of themselves by identifying healthier habits and reducing stress which has led her to integrate the holistic modalities of energy healing such as Reiki, Color Harmonics, aroma and crystal therapy, clean eating, guided imagery, and holistic health coaching.…

Photo of Vered Kantor

Vered Kantor


Vered Kantor, MS, RD, LDN, IC, CFSP, is a leading Registered and Licensed Dietitian in the field of Integrative Clinical Nutrition, a Functional Medicine Nutrition Therapist (IFMNT), Intrinsic Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, a Certified Food and Spirit practitioner, educator, and a “Superfood Diva”. Kantor is the founder of clinical dietitian & nutrition consultants, a nutrition consulting practice that specializes in lifestyle change, weight management, disease prevention and management for adult women.…

Photo of Dr. JoAnn Layford

Dr. JoAnn Layford

Health Coach and Yoga Instructor, Ed D, RYT500, AADP, CHC,CFSP

JoAnn Layford, Ed D, AADP, CHC,CFSP, RYT 500  is a certified Health Coach, Food and Spirit Practitioner and Yoga Instructor helping people with chronic conditions and “ women of a certain age” clear their minds, change their bodies and claim their lives through easy to implement natural living solutions for greater health, happiness, and vitality.
JoAnn loves learning and teaching.…

Photo of Kim Lee-Thorp

Kim Lee-Thorp


Andrea Longden

I started teaching fitness over 24 years ago after gaining RSA/YMCA exercise to Music qualification and I taught exercise classes and ran my own fitness business in the Sheffield area of the UK.

After many years of teaching fitness I realized that my true passion was yoga. I studied with Carolyn Clarke at the Jasmine Trust and gained the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma.…

Photo of Nina Lynn

Nina Lynn


As a wellness and Empowerment coach, Nina weaves together the Food and Spirit system with Self-Empowerment technology and Holistic Nutrition into personalized programs to guide, support and empower her clients along their path to Balance, Flow and Radiance.

The majority of Nina’s life has revolved around health and fitness. Beginning in High School as a California State gymnastics champion, then 20 years as a professional dancer followed by owning and operating two health clubs for 16 years, and earning a Masters in Holistic Nutrition.…

Photo of Samantha Samantha Marks

Samantha Samantha Marks


Samantha is a Naturopath with a keen interest in healthy aging, chronic disease + elderly, whole body wellness coaching encompassing mind body + flower essences, teas and supplementation if required.

Photo of Juanita Mrak

Juanita Mrak

Naturopath, CFSP, Nutritionist, Western Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, Frequency Specific Microcurrent Practitioner

Juanita Mrak (nee Emmerton) has been a practicing Naturopath since 2002. She has a passion for women and children’s health focussing on the education of her clients in the aspects of diet and lifestyle so they can obtain the most out of life.

Juanita is the proud Mum of 4 year old Noah. She likes to provide a balance between home and work so is only available for consultations during the hours specified.…

Holly J Niles


I am functional medicine nutritionist and lifestyle transformation specialist who is passionate about educating, guiding, coaching and assisting clients in finding balance in their life.

Most recently, I had the unique opportunity of working for several years with Dr. Mark Hyman and his medical team at the UltraWellness center in Lenox, Massachusetts. Working with hundreds of diverse patients at this premier functional medicine center offered me a wealth of experience and knowledge.…

Photo of Lisa Renberg

Lisa Renberg

CFSP, Nutritional Therapist , LifeCoach

Miki Jo Resto

CFSP, Professional Coach Certified, Plant-based Nutrition Certified, PSP

Integrating Food & Spirit within her unique program, Imagine Your Health for Leaders & Entrepreneurs, she teaches how to improve effectiveness and success, while achieving health and wellness objectives. Sacrificing one for the other is tired-thinking. She synthesizes business and Leadership expertise with leading-edge research for personal Wellness. Her skillfulness in organizational and personal Change Engagement is a perfect match with the Personalized Lifestyle-Medicine approach of F&S.

Photo of Lisa Siegmann

Lisa Siegmann


Lisa Siegmann is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, specializing in Nutrition, Functional Medicine and wellness, who founded Health By Nourishment.

In essence, Health By Nourishment is about engaging with individuals, especially women, towards a healthy relationship with food AND life while making choices that enhance our lives beyond conventional disease management, improving our quality of life and nurturing our wholeness.…

Photo of Linn Thorstensson

Linn Thorstensson

Dip Nutritional Therapist, mNTOI, CFSP

Linn Thorstensson is a Swedish woman living in Ireland for the past 14 years.

She works as a Nutritional Therapist and runs her own clinic based in co. Cork, Ireland and online via Skype.

As a Nutritional Therapist, Linn loves inspiring people to use food as medicine and to embrace the joy and creativity of cooking.…

Photo of Louise Tjernqvist

Louise Tjernqvist

CFSP, CHEK HLC 2, Nutritional Therapist, Bio Print

As an Olympic medalist (swimming) Louise knows about early morning practices, living abroad and the difference a hundredth of a second can make. She has worked as a Sports Event Project Manager and currently inspires moms, athletes and weekend warriors to be the best version of themselves through optimized lifestyles and personalized nutrition. The Food & Spirit philosophy is integrated in all her work and has transformed her into a better mom, coach and friend.

Michele Trump

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Licensed Massage Practitioner, CFSP

Michele Trump is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Licensed Massage Practitioner with a passion for radical self-care. Michele is dedicated to helping her clients achieve optimal health and vitality through holistic nutrition and mindful eating, nourishing lifestyle practices and therapeutic strategies to transform stress. She integrates a variety of modalities to create a personalized plan based on the health concerns and intentions of each client so that they thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Photo of Mrs. Asritha Vissapragada

Mrs. Asritha Vissapragada

MS.Applied Nutrition,CFSP

I am Asritha.V I am a consulting Nutritionist in Bapuji Nursing Home, Hyderabad, India. I did my Bachelors in Pharmacy.  With my interest in Nutrition I did my Masters in Applied Nutrition from Northeastern University, MA, U.S.A. I moved to India After my Post graduation and started as a dietitian in a fitness studio. Later I started practicing nutritional counselling in Bapuji Nursing home.…

Photo of Sabine Weber

Sabine Weber


Sabine has a Private Practice called Adirondack Nutrition Consulting in Lake Placid NY. Sabine obtained both her Bachelor and Master of Science in Nutrition and has a diverse background having worked in many clinical and community settings but her training in Functional Nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine, and Food and Spirit are the forefront of her practice.…

Rebecca Westeren

Rebecca Westeren-Transformations Within, CFSP, CHHC, CINHC, is a holistic health coach and practitioner residing in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. She has studied conventional and alternative healing modalities passionately for decades. Rebecca has a private coaching business working with groups, businesses, and individuals to help them restore balance and health within their lives. She also teaches workshops and offers individualized mentoring.…

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